Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lions, Tigers, White People, and Bears Oh My!

On Saturday we went to the zoo.  It was an adventure in a lot of ways...

Looks a little sketchy right?  I actually had not had a problem with this since I have been here, but one of the girls in my group got her wallet stolen and she had slashes in her other plastic bag (not at the zoo though).

It was fun to see all the families around at the zoo.  It is quite the hang out here.  Everyone brings a picnic and just chills for the day. 

"I like turtles"

They had a bunch of different monkeys there, which is not as cool when you have a whole family of them living on the roof top outside of your bedroom window.

Another monkey this one had crimped hair

The white tiger was pretty cool.  Every time I have ever been to the zoo the tigers are asleep.  The animals were pretty lively here.  It was way cool.  

This lady wanted Melissa to hold her children for a picture.

This is the nation animal of India, for your information.  It is huge up close!  

Just taking a little dip.  It is actually crazy how close they let you get.  I don't think this is even zoomed in.  I was just standing a few feet above behind a wall.  It is kind of cool how they do it.  There is land in the middle where the animals are then a mote surrounding and then a 10 ft wall around the mote so you don't have to look through bars.    

I am not sure who got more attention, the tigers or the white people.  White people definitely had the monkeys and turtles beat.  

I wonder what would happen if they put us into one of the zoo habitats.  At one point I got totally swarmed and Seth had to literally put me out.  I learned that standing in one place for too long is not a good idea.  

Online we read that they do elephant rides which was half of the reason we wanted to go to the zoo.  When we asked the "zoo keepers" half of them said they did have ride and the other half said they didn't.  We searched the whole place and never found a place to ride elephants.  It was still fun though.  

Pretty sure moose don't live in Baja California... haha 

No elephant ride, but we did get to go on a lion safari and it turned out to be well worth the rupees.  

Mufasa.  This is a picture looking out the window of the safari van/bus.

Another safari picture.  It was cool.  This tiger came right up to my window.  It was sniffing around right next to my window!  I was a scared to takes it's picture that close though.  I didn't want to risk making it angry.  


Posing bear

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  1. White People Habitat, not a bad idea! Fun pictures!