Monday, 6 June 2011

You're Invited

Indian wedding invitation for Monday night

The happy couple?  It is hard to be sure since this was an arranged marriage.  The groom was smiling but I never saw the bride even crack a smile.  They had a mini photo shoot in the beginning doing all sorts of original poses like the pose featured in this photo.  

Not the best picture (don't worry you will get more...) of the little boys sitting behind me.  They were so cute.  

They loved my camera so I let them borrow it.  Yes I was a little afraid that I might not see it again but they seemed like good boys.  These are some of the pictures from there photo shoot that lasted about an hour.  They had better poses then the professional wedding photographers.  

Stripped shirt was clearly a stand out in the shoot. 

These are some of the kids in the wedding (taken by my young friends of course).  They have cool outfits, but I think that one little boy is wearing pink butterfly shoes.  

This never got old to them.  They didn't know how to put it on play to look at the picture so as soon as it was taken they would run over and try to see it before the picture went off the screen.  

The main photographer, too cool to smile all the way.

These older guys were nearly as excited as the little boys, even though this picture does not reflect it (for real).  It was also quite creepy because he took my picture like ten times on his cell phone of the back of my head.  I have a new tactic now though, that is about 80 percent effective.  I just turn my camera on them and start shooting back.  

It is not cool to smile for pictures here in India.  

This is the last of the photo shoot pictures.  These were seriously like a hundred pictures from them on my camera.  

Everyone was super excited!

Just me and some of the wedding party.  It was super hot and I just ate a lot of really spicy food, yes I was pretty sweaty.  

Wedding guests.  This lady was super nice and she wanted me to take her picture, or at least that is what I gathered from our broken conversation.  

They put these bigger dots on all the babies heads, they also put eye liner on many of the babies.  They think it keeps you cooler and keeps the bugs out or something like that.  I asked where I could get some, because if they think it makes you cooler it is worth a try right?

She has henna on her hands, which is way cool here.  I just bought some today to try out.  


  1. hahahahha i cracked up. love the commentary. And those little boys are so cute.

  2. I thought I might be into arranged marriages for my children, but after looking at the picture of that bride, I'm not so sure that is the way to go!!!
    She just isn't feeling the LOVE.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I like your "good little boys" as if you were telling yourself that more then actually knowing it. HA! Oh and By the WAY if you ever come across anymore of that awesome fabric you should bring some to me. I WANT IT!

  4. We're loving the posts so keep 'em coming!