Sunday, 12 June 2011

Village Trip

So we went out to see the site where one of the NGOs we are working with wants to build a science center and this is what we found... lots of very large rocks. The science center might be a little more difficult then we originally thought.

We went to visit a village near the town of Kowdipally.  These are some of the women who were out in the field when we arrived. 

Lexi and I with some of the tribal women.  

Their are way more boys then girls in India because girls are not wanted as much.  It is somewhere around 800 girls for every 1000 boys.  

We obviously are not the first health people to visit...

This is the nicest house in the village and they have a tv.

the roof

dirt floors (it is very rude to wear your shoes in someone's home)

the kitchen/storage room

Cooking over an open fire

Some of the little boys clothes were literally hanging on by a thread

This lady wanted us to take pictures of everything and show her.

Just hanging out.  Those are some more "houses" behind them.

Some of the men in the tribe

They have some wells where they get their water.  I am not sure who this water is for but it seems sketchy just sitting out there.  

They liked hand signs but no one was catching on in this picture.  haha I just look like a dork!

The girls.  They were really shy but so pretty and nice.

They farm for money.  They use about half of the crop and sell the other half.  

haha this little boy was jumping in front of my camera every time I tried to take a picture.  I had to start taking then when he was not looking.


I finally caught on and gave him his own picture.

They throw just about anything up there to keep the roof on I guess.  

This is a hut with cell phone charging cords rigged up there from some electricity thing that was not exactly a plug.  

This is the community shower room.

scare crows?

sweeping the dirt

running after us to say good bye

We drove for a long time in these autos down dirt roads.  There were like 10 of us in each of them.


  1. Coolest pictures ever Aleesha thank you for sharing.

    Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aleesha I loved the glasses as you said so stylish only because you say so. What a great experience for you to have to be able to visit another country and see their life styles I have enjoyed so much seeing all the images you share with us.

    Love you,

    Aunt Jeannie

  3. That scare crows look as though they are consulting with one another ha ha.