Sunday, 29 May 2011

West Marredpally My New Home

This is the local neighborhood cow.  It pretty much just chills along the road near our house eating the trash.  It also gets fed by passers by.  Pretty gross but kind of funny.

Side mirrors just get in the way so most people fold them in or remove them all together (yes that is how close they get to each other on the road).  They rely on others honking instead of mirrors, super sketchy.  

I was about to take a bathroom break here on the side of the road when this sign stopped me... 

The sign was accompanied by a bunch of shoes strung up along the wall.

We generally get around town in these autos.  They are two stroke little three wheelers, I am no engine expert but isn't a two stroke the same as a lawn mower?  They don't go very fast, especially when going up hill.  They claim it is for four people but if you don't want to sit laps you can only fit three.  I have counted 13 people in one before.  I still don't understand how they all got in there.  

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  1. AHHH! I love your blog! I want to be there with you! It sounds so incredibly cool. Keep it up please! I'm living through your travels. :) Miss ya girlie!