Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Day at Deloitte

This is some India landscape from the windows of a tall building.

This is part of "high tech city."  I couldn't take pictures of the other buildings because they are crazy about security and won't let anyone take pictures.  High Tech City is a small (very small) section of city where all the nice buildings are.  It is really clean and they have nice landscaping done.  If I didn't look too far to the left or right it felt like the US.  I liked it there...

Deloitte does and Impact Day every year on a Friday where the whole company does not make a dime.  They have to help out in the community instead of work.  It was really cool.  I went to this meeting with Subhash the director of CARPED.  CARPED is the NGO I am working with on the Missing Children Project.  This group of employees was working with NGOs to help them with PR, web design, or grant writing.  I went with two other employees of CARPED, who didn't speak english.  It was so weird because I was the one who had to communicate on behalf of CARPED.  I am in their country but for once since I have been here I was the one who could understand what was going on.  At one point Subhash (Subhash can speak english, but it is pretty broken, he is not all the way comfortable in english) disappeared and all the the Deloitte employees were asking me all of these questions about CARPED and what needs to be done.  I have only been with CARPED a couple of weeks but I just pretended like I  knew everything.  It was a kind of scary.  The Deloitte people are really smart professionals so they had in-depth questions about what needs to be done.  It really put my public health knowledge to the test!  The other two CARPED people who didn't understand were just smiling at me, like yeah doing great.  Haha hopefully I moved their organization in the direction they were wanting.  

I met a fellow white friend, Kristen Thomas.  I was so happy that I could easily pronounce her name.  She is living by herself in India for three years to help them with internal communications.  She is from Georgia.  She was so nice and I could understand every word she said.  A lot of the people I have worked with speak english, but I really have to listen to hear through the accent.  I usually miss some of the words so I have to piece it all together.  

At the end of the day they called my name and everyone clapped for me and I go to go up and get my "award" for helping make the world a better place.  Haha it was pretty funny.  All the employees from the visiting NGOs went up.  There were 13 other NGOs there all together getting help with IT stuff for their projects.  There were some really amazing people there doing some really cool projects.  There were projects dealing with child labor, trafficked women, and AIDs amongst many others.  I am amazed at home many people I have met here that dedicate their lives to helping others.  I got to meet most of them and they told me about their projects.  They are all so passionate about it and have been working on it for years.  I was really impressed with how much they really care.  

My award, a rolling multifunctional pen set, not to be confused with a pencil box.  

I had to wear my badge all around so I didn't get kicked out.  They had security swarming the building.  The building was really nice and very clean.  We got two snack breaks and they fed us lunch.  It was great.  

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