Thursday, 26 May 2011

India Public Health Projects

Missing Children Project with partner CARPED

Millions of children go missing each year in India and are never found.  Many of the children that go missing simply get disconnected from their parents and end up in orphanages.  The children many times do not know where they are from.  It is CARPED’s mission to reunite these children with their parents by speaking to the children to get clues about where they are from by listening to their dialects and other clues about their homes.  From these clues the children are then traced back to their homes and reunited with their families.  To assist with this effort Help International volunteers in India will be helping CARPED to construct a database where information about these missing children can be stored as well as helping to find more volunteers here in India that are able to speak many languages so that they can assist in speaking with the children and collecting clues. 

Rights for People with Leprosy 

Earlier this week we went to a convention to increase the rights of people who have or had leprosy.  This was the statue in the front of the complex where it is was held (it was a really nice place).  

There are a lot of miss conceptions about leprosy in India and the people with the disease suffer a lot of discrimination.  Many times their children are not allowed to attend schools, they are denied work, and they are also forced to live outside of the community.  Many doctors also refuse to work on these people.   They have been treated and are no longer contagious but they still face this discrimination.  It was an interesting conference and I only understood about half of it.

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