Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I finally made it to India after traveling for two days.  I slept through the night on an airplane twice in a row.  At first I was a little freaked out, but now that I have adjusted I am loving it here.  The people have been so nice to us, for the most part they are super friendly and ask where we are from.  Some of them even want to take pictures with us.  

This really nice family in the ward near our house took us to a battle fort ruin.  It is this huge fort up on the hill in Hyderabad over looking the city.  This is Lexi with one of the little girls from their family.  

Hyderabad is know for it's huge rocks.  There are really cool rocks like this all around.  It is really awesome how this fort is built all around these rocks like this. 

This is the lower part of the fort from up above.  The fort has something like 600 stairs and it was blistering hot outside.  It was worth the climb though.  Thank you BYU swim team for the nike dry fit t-shirt that kept me from killing over in the heat.    


  1. I love your blog. What a great experience! The little girls at the school are beautiful! Keep the pictures coming, I love them.