Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Today we visited a bridge school with the MV Foundation.  This organization finds children who should be in school but are forced to work.  They then bring the children here to this bridge school where they for stay for up to two years until they catch up to the students their age and are able to attend a public school.  

This is one of the classrooms that we were able to visit.  Many of these girls have had no schooling.  They don't have desks as you can see they sit on the floor in this small school this room is also where they sleep on thin mats.  At first this seem like a rough life but these girls are so grateful to be in school.  They came from working full days in very poor homes.  

The man who is in charge of the schools showed us around the school today.  They were so kind to us and even made us this really nice lunch.  As you can see they don't really do the whole fork and knife thing here so we had to eat with our hands.  You thought I was a slow eater before, no utensils and it might take me all day.  The Indian food has been a little rough, but hopefully I will get used to it.  Everything they have here is super spicy (at least to me).  Every time I eat something here I get really hot and my nose runs.  I am hoping that I become more tolerant to the hotness of the foods.

These are a few of the girls at the school.  This particular school is an all girls school.  The MV Foundation has 10 schools total all in different areas.  

They really liked taking pictures and they all run in to see it after. 

They were all squealing about his little lizard we found.  It was pretty funny.  

This is their library. They all spend about an hour each day reading here.  We were able to bring them more books that were donated to us to add to their collection.  They get books in Hindi, Telugu, and English, smart girls! 

They have a small play ground, but I think they mostly play in the  yard.  

This is a street near by the school just to give a idea of what the streets look like.  

This is also just a typical building near the street.  Some of the buildings are quite nice and some are more run down.  There are all kinds intermixed it seems.  


  1. I didnt know you were doing this, I think its Awesome, nice job. Uillame serves his mission in South Africa and there were lots of Indians in his area, he says you will get used to the spicy food and will love it before you come back, so keep the faith! And keep up the good work, be safe!

  2. Leesha! I love this! You look like you're having a BLAST! I love the one where you're eating. It looks like some other pictures you've had while eating. HAHAHA! I don't want to wait around while you're eating with your fingers....that would be awhile. You're awesome. I love you lots!

  3. Leesh I love this! Looks like you're having an awesome time! miss you here though! keep taking pics :)

  4. Just talked to your mom and found your blog awesome photos. It is so cool to see all the photos from India and the food looks very interesting. What a great experience for you to have wish I could be there with you. What is the weather like down there? Have fun know that you are loved and always in our prayers.