Thursday, 19 May 2011

Best lunch ever!!!

I just needed a break from the spicy food today and the golden arches saved the day.  This McDonalds was a little different ones in the US but the food was still good (if you are into McDonalds).  It was funny though the place was full of young adults and they were bumpin techno music and rap the whole time.  The cd they were using kept skipping which was pretty funny.  They still had pictures of little kids all over though.  It was a weird environment altogether. 

This may not look that great to you but it was.  It cost me about 100 rupees and there are about 45 rupees in one dollar.  So you can do the math if you want but it was pretty inexpensive.  I think it might become a problem if I want to eat here everyday.  

Mmm, Mmm good.  I'm lovin it.

I don't know what is so fascinating to them but everywhere we go we tend to attract a lot of attention. This car had like 20 people in it and they we all waving at us.   

This is Buddha  on the lake.  This lake smells from a mile away but it a really cool to look at and they have nice park on the side that everyone was sleeping in.  I will have to get back on how everyone just sleeps everywhere here.  It is like Byu but on the streets... 

Nope not the bakery, but this is a local hot spot and a land mark.  Everyone here knows about Paradise, apparently it is the best india food restaurant around.  We had some food from there the other day and it was pretty good but it all just tastes spicy to me.  This place was packed when we drove by.  All the people around are people on motorcycles and scooters.  There are so many.  There will be more to come on this.  

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  1. Love your cute McDonalds smile girl I wonder what a happy meal would have done for you? Wow so fun to see all the photos you post that Paradise looks very packed with people and I love the women with their heads covered in the forground, and motorcycles everywhere I would be right at home with my Harley if I still had it. Stay safe know that we love you and try a happy meal next time don't know if that smile could get any bigger but it sure is cute.