Sunday, 17 July 2011

Big Buddha

A few weeks ago we visited Lumbini Park and Buddha Nagar.  It is a famous statue of Buddha in the middle of a lake.

I think can't decide whether this was just a fountain or if it actually for people to swim in.  

The park also contained some pretty sketchy looking rides.

Our cruise ship out to the statue.

This is me and one of my country directors Melissa.

This lake smells really bad, but it looks really pretty.

They had this really classy astroturf pattern surrounding the statue.  

This is kind of India's version of the Statue of Liberty.  

Just an authentic Indian pose.  

It changes colors at night.

It is hard to see but this security guard followed us around with his whistle trying to get us back on the boat, apparently they don't like you to dilly dally much.  It was pretty funny.  He was practically blowing his whistle in my face at one point.  

The city from the boat.

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