Monday, 11 July 2011

Just Another Day in India

This is our self appointed tour guide of a mosque.  I couldn't understand most of what he was saying.  At the end he demanded that we give him money "for the children."  I don't know what children he was talking about but he kept chasing all the kids away during the tour.  I have him a few cents and called it good since we didn't even want a guide and because I didn't understand a thing he said.  

So I just thought I would share something that I found in my inbox this morning.  It is so nice and so funny.

          aleesha, this is sirish here i met u in NGO for physically handicapped people today morning hope u got me u where along with your was very glad speaking to , at this tender age ur doing social service and that too u came all the way from US.. it has touched my heart...
                           Im 28 yrs old bachelor doing business,hats off to u for serving my people.. you where looking simple and down to earth... Whoever marry you is lucky guy... can u give your contact number so that i can call u once..plz mail me back

With Regards
Hyderabad india

This brought several questions to mind.  So what age range qualifies as tender?  How old does he think I am?  haha I am looking simple?...that is probably pretty accurate.


  1. Do I smell an arranged marriage in the future??? I like that he noticed you are at a tender age and very simple. Sounds like quite the catch.

  2. All I have to say is PLZ don't u call him back, and PLZ don't u give him your number !!! He make me very scary!!!

    Dan said SIMPLE means LOW MAINTENANCE!