Sunday, 7 October 2012

Catch up...

So it has been quite a while since I have updated my blog and I am starting over today with blogging so someone read this so that I am not wasting my time.  I figured I would do a year recap since it has been over a year since my last post from India.

Last summer Nate and I both went on Europe adventures (different adventures)  

Nate Graduated in December 

We got engaged! (again for those of you who have know us for a while) 

Then we sealed the deal.

We moved back to Provo to a short term lease while we look for something more permanent.  This place was a gem.  Pretty scary at night and super hot in the middle of the summer with no ac but it was really fun to have a place of our own.  We even had a small backyard where we had a BBQ.  

We took a trip to Hawaii with Nate's fam and stayed in an awesome beach house in Kauai.  We snorkeled, swam, and ate good food.

We both won a game of Deal or No Deal!!!  I can't find Nate's picture though...

Family outing to see Nitro Circus 3D

We bought our first home.  Actually we went to the Salt Lake City Utah Parade of Homes.

Visited the FFA animals at the Utah County Rodeo/Fair

My car broke down on our way to Park City for Nate's builders dinner because the Jiffy Lube people left the coolant cap half off.  Yes I got it fully repaired by them after I went them three times and cried on the third time, but don't worry the manager and I made up and we are on good terms now.  Ha we even hugged.  
The malibu it back in action although I was pretty scared I was going to lose the bu after its heat stroke.

We moved to Park City! 
We really did buy a house!  

Still trying to unpack...  It is kind of like a life size game of Unblock Me.  We have to move three things to get one thing into place.  Trying to get all out stuff to fit.  

We have an awesome back deck with a duck pond right off the condo.  The ducks are pretty friendly too.

Got all the new bedding and the new memory foam mattress.  It fixed my back problems but now Nate's is feeling a little stiff in the mornings.  We are still waiting on our storage bed frame to be finished. 

 Nate has been growing his hair out...

Nate built this really cool storage/bench seat for all our stuff and we have a lot of stuff.  It came together quite nicely.  It is nice to have a handy man.  

Oh yeah and he also helped build this in case you were not impressed with the storage box.  He made the 3D rendering to show exactly how it would look and I would say it is pretty spot on.


  1. I would be the first person to comment : ) Love the update. My favorite is that you cried at jiffy lube. Hah! Reminds me of the airport disaster of 2008. Your place is super cute! Me and Caroline want to come stay with you guys.

  2. I read your blog! So you should def update it more :)

  3. uhhh yeahh update more girl! I love your new pretty and so fun that you guys are living in park city ! miss you both!