Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Charminar and Pearls Second Round

I went back to the pearl shop found and they were doing some filming for the news.  They wanted our story so we elected Ale, the broadcast journalism student.  They did get some great footage of all of us shopping.  It was pretty funny.  

Pearl statue of a Hundu God.

Back to the Charminar.  This time we went inside.  The details of it are amazing. 

The fountain in the middle. 

We had to walk up a tiny stair case all the way to the top, I felt a little claustrophobic.  I also rigged my purse to stay up higher.  This place is jam packed with people and has a history of pick pocketing.  

View of the city from the top

See what I mean about crowded street.  Cars still push their way though down there and they will run you down if you don't get out of the way.  

I have posted a picture of this building before, this is a different view.  I was told it is a hospital.  

People selling all sorts of things below. 

The masque we visited.  The picture didn't turn out that great but you get the picture.  

We had to wear scarves over our heads to be more modest.  The guard at the door ran up to us and told us to cover up!  It is weird though because I saw lots of other women not wearing anything over there head.  

These are tombs of important people.  The men's and women's are decorated differently.  

On our way home.  They fit whole families on motorcycles.  Save your family some money on a suburban and just get a motorcycle, the only downfall is the safety rating but not a big deal.  

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