Sunday, 3 July 2011

Brandon and Sirisha's Engagement Party

We bought some Indian clothes for the party. 

A lady from our ward came over to do henna on our hands, so we looked pretty legit.  We even got stickers for our foreheads.  

The party was at a nice hotel.  I am not sure what this thing is but it was cool because it moves.

The happy couple.  They met at the Utah State University, Brandon is from Utah and Sirisha is from here in Hyderabad.  They are getting married in Logan in August. 

Some of the group.  When you go up on stage to greet the bride and groom it is good luck to sprinkle rice on their heads, so that was kinda fun.  

India poses.  

After the party the kids literally destroyed the stage!  hahaha 

It is so funny many of the door men here wears cool outfits.  

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  1. nail polish and henna?! i love it! miss yoU!